Regalia Gold Vodka



Type: Vodka
Alcohol: 40%
Bottle Volume:   1000 mL

Bottles in case:

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In today’s saturated premium spirits market, what is it that your devoted vodka drinker is looking for? Hardly a new flavor or an inventive name. What they are craving is purity, taste and reliability. And, perhaps as an added bonus, a hangover-free product. Regalia Vodka, distilled and bottled in Russia, will deliver all of that when it hits US stores in July. Regalia is produced by the state-controlled (read: strict adherence to the highest standards of quality) distillery of Yaroslavl, an ancient city located in close proximity of Moscow, Russia’s capital. Yaroslavl, blessed by its location on the Volga River, has long been the largest transportation center of the European part of Russia. Heaps and heaps of select wheat grain passed through the city, with the cream of the crop retained for making vodka, that elixir of a grand Russian feast. Today, Regalia is still made in strong adherence to the recipe created by the master distiller 300 years ago. Only select wheat grown in the black soil region of the Russian South is used for fermentation. After the grains are sorted, they are finely mashed and fermented, preparing them for a 5-time distillation process that produces a clear, odorless “Luxe”-grade spirit. The spirit is the soul of any vodka, but the body of a vodka is its water. We at “Regalia” pump it through an artesian shaft that penetrates some 1,500 feet deep inside the earth. Then, we use the most advanced technology available to rid it of the tiniest impurities. Due to its subterranean origin, the water that is mixed with our fine “Luxe”-grade spirit carries a variety of essential microelements, and a radiant aura of energy from deep in the earth’s core. Once the spirit and the water are blended to reach a perfect equilibrium of a 40% alcohol content, the resulting mix goes through a 5-stage purification process to ensure the highest clarity and taste standards for the final product. A succession of quarts sand and birch charcoal filters get rid of the smallest impurities, and that is where most distillers would stop. Our unique silver filtration system is what vaults Regalia into a world of its own, the realm of vodka nobility. It may be a little known fact, but the term blue blood actually comes from the therapeutic, antibiotic qualities of the silver used for making plates and utensils for feasting Royalty worldwide. Silver filtration is exactly what makes Regalia a true blue blood in today’s hodgepodge of spirit wannabe nouveau riches. Like a refined member of the Royal family, Regalia dons only the best when making her public appearance. Our haute couture blown glass bottles are individually crafted, then finished using the patented sandstream etching technology. The etching is done by hand, and only females under 35 – the ones with the surest hands - are hired to perform the job. Quite possibly, it is this stage where the beauty of the artists is passed on to the bottle. When outfits arrive to the distillery, we are ready to suit Regalia up (i.e. fill the bottles manually, one by one!) in a clear crown of a carafe that lets her purity and noble character shine through the elegant curves of the bottle’s silhouette. Now, that’s a look worthy of a Regal feast! Regalia and Regalia Gold will be available in the US beginning of August. Regalia Gold is prepared according to the original recipe, then kept in vats of pure white gold (our trademark alloy of gold and silver) for 6 months for unparalleled smoothness. It’s impeccable taste is perfectly complemented by a carafe hand-painted with a thin layer of 24K gold. Meticulously etched and painted with liquid gold by hand, the bottle itself is destined to become an immediate collector’s item and please the sight of the proud owner – and his guests – long after the contents are gone.

Regalia Gold Vodka
Distributed in Arizona by Silesia Brands, Inc.