Armenian 5 Star Brandy - Bulava



Type: Brandy
Alcohol: 40%
Bottle Volume:   750 mL

Bottles in case:

UPC code: 6-61540-00601-5

This brandy has particular success. It fascinates by its softness, full harmony taste and exceptional aroma of high-quality Armenian brandies. Produced from high-quality eaux-de-vie (water of life). Aged for 5 years. Its light amber color is the witness of a careful aging that has conferred a pleasant, dry, nutty flavor with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. Ideal for consuming mixed or with ice. Sold in exquisite hand-made 750 ml glass decanters of various models: Russian Bear, Bull, Sword, Sword with Snake, Sword in/out Scabbard and New Year decanters.

Armenian 5 Star Brandy - Bulava
Distributed in Arizona by Silesia Brands, Inc.