About us

What can Silesia Brands do for you?
  • Create a market in Arizona for your product
  • Provide refrigerated warehouseing of your product
  • Distribute your product all over the state of Arizona
  • Provide a growing sales force
  • Particiape in beverage festivals and tastings to better market your product
  • Supply an extensive selection of fine international beer, wine and spirits
  • Order exotic beverages for your customers special orders
  • Offer unique collector's bottles for your customers
  • Overview

         Silesia Brands, Inc. is a distributor of fine European beer, wine, meads, and spirits in the state of Arizona.  The company was established in the spring of 2001 in Phoenix and has has introduced over 400 products.  The name "Silesia" stands for the historic region in east central Europe.  Most of Silesia lies in southwestern Poland with smaller parts in Germany and Czech Republic.

         Our mission is to make fine European liquor from such countries as Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria available to consumers in Arizona.  We currently distribute our products to stores, restaurants and bars all over the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.  One can find them at AJ's Fine Foods stores all over the Valley, famous Sun Devil Liquors in Mesa, Tops Liquors in Tempe, Monterey Liquors and Plaza Liquors in Tucson and many other liquor stores.

         We offer a wide variety of famous pilsner, lager, ale, dark and porter beers.  These include many famous name brands from all over Eastern Europe.  In addition to beer, we distribute many luxury spirits.  Whether it's a specially flavored liquor or a crystal clear vodka, we guarantee that it's a high quality product.  Some of these come in unique collecter's bottles that are great for gifts.  For our wine lovers, we offer many distinguished blends that are growing in popularity.